Critical Skills Training

As part of our coaching programs, we present a number of training in the form of webinars. These training is open for non-clients at R450.00

Training we present are

Living with intent

Do you have your dreams and plans, but nothing happens? It could be that you need intent, not more plans.

Creating a powerful intent will help you to wake up with excitement, to owns your passion, to direct your day towards that intent.

Having a powerful intent will help you to bring your gifts, talents and brilliance when you show up at each moment in your live.

Living with intent will help you to create that powerful intent and to align your thoughts with your intent.

Obstacles to intentional living

What is that prevents you from living with the intention and purpose? Procrastination or are there things more basic, deeper than time management issues or laziness that comes in the way of your intention?

Finding those deeper dynamics need not be an emotional draining exercise, but it will change your life when you begin to understand how your thoughts and emotions are connected.

Obstacles to intentional living helps you to gain this understanding of your deeper commitments and passions.

Boundaries for intentional living

Is it difficult to say “no”?

Tired of being used and abused by others to do what you do not like to do?

The is it time to begin think about boundaries and who you allow to enter, and who to barr from entering into your space.

Boundaries for intentional living protects the space where your intentions become personal and a force to protect you.

Time management for intentional living

To many roles to play and not enough hours?

As exhausted when you get up in the morning, as you were the previous night?

Time management balances the urgent and the important, the dread of tax forms and excitement of a week-end away with your partner.

Time management for intentional living helps you to re-align the precious source of time with the deep commitments of your live.

Habits of intentional living

Have you started and failed? Have you given up because you are not strong enough or smart enough?

Grid and bravery is not about how smart you are, how well educated or trained you are, or how streetwise you are.

Part of the beauty of intentional living is that it becomes a habit. You do not need to spend brain energy to do the right things. You know who you are and where you are going.

Habits of intentional living will help you to identify those things that you must do repeatedly to move towards the person you intent to be.

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