Conflict Coaching

Conflict brings you to forks in the road, moments of choice that will change your destiny. Do you want to choose or will you allow others to make the choice for you?

Do you want to be

more present
more connected
more confident

when you approach those

difficult conversations, dreadful confrontations and awkward relationships?

Are you accommodating others to avoid those conversations and confrontations?

Do you struggle to voice you opinion in difficult coversations?

Are your relationships falling apart and you feel powerless to safe them?

Be more self accepting

Self-acceptance is to value yourself. It is to appreciated your own strengths, and understand your own weaknesses. It sets you free to express yourself in your relationships andtake on tasks with conficence and courage. Self acceptance is the foundations of assertive behaviour and key to success in dealing with conflict.

Be more resilient

Resilience means knowing how to cope when things seem to turn on you. You experience setbacks, dificult circumstances and limited resources. Resilience is not to never fall short. It is not ta lay down for to long before you get up and start to live intentioinally. Resilience is build on an open-minded attitude, self-talk and trusted relationships.

Be more mindful

Mindfulness is to maintain the intention to resolve problems, to pay attention to what happins in you during difficult converstaions. It focus on the here and now and not desired or feared outcomes. Mindfulness allows us to search for creative outcomes in even the most heated conversations. Through coaching we develop the skills and habits of non-judgemental and acceptance.

Are you ready to make a choice that will allow you to choose the way forward for you?

In our conflict-coaching and mediation training, we follow a party-directed approach focussing on the unique set of skills each individual need to master to deal with conflict appropriately. Our approach helps an individual to be pro-active and prepared for difficult conversations.

In short, it helps them to focus on their needs and not the arguments and behaviour of others.
Conflict Mediation

Conflict mediation is a process in which an independent mediator coach participants and the facilitaties a process of negotiation to resolve conflict in a way that gives a clear path forward with clear boudnaries, responsibilities and rights for every party.

For this work I rely on the insights of party-directed mediation and my coaching experience.

Conflict Management

Conflict management is a process in which a team or group works through conflict to understand it and then to re-organise themself in a way that will lessen conflict and enhance successful completion of their task,

For this worh I rely on the work of Thomas-Kilmann and insights fo change management theory.

Conflict Training

Conflict Training is a process in which I convey knowledge, facilitate workshops and create experential learning moments to help trainees to understand what conflict is and how it affects them and situations they are involved with.

For this work I rely on the work of Thomas-Kilmann and insights from personality theory.

Conflict brings you to forks in the road, moments of choice that will change your destiny. Do you want to choose or will you allow others to make the choice for you?

After more than three decades of working with people, I have developed a coaching and training process to help you deal with the conflict in and around you. Facing difficult situations, dealing with complicated relationships and mindfully resolve conflict increase your ability to deal with change and resistance – not through arguments and counter-arguments, but by being present in YOUR life.

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