Johan Pieters has spent twenty-eight (28) years as minister of the Fontainebleau Community Church, a higher-middle class suburban congregation in Randburg.

In both his coaching work and as a minister, Johan worked among others with professional people and persons in senior management positions. , partnering with them in an exciting and creative process to maximise their potential, and to master the mental and executive skills. Johan is experienced in dealing with the behaviour of people in one on one, group and virtual settings.

As coach Johan has successfully completed the training of Star Leadership. He also participated in the Advanced Coaching Programme. He also completed online-training in the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory through Kilmann Diagnostics and Family Law Mediation through the Mediation Academy in South Africa.

Johan obtained a PhD in theology, working on the borderline between theology and political economics (UKZN Pietermaritzburg, 2017). Studying to complete his PhD was a formative process, developing skills of analytical thinking, disciplined work to achieve a set goal and teamwork. As part of his study, he interviewed Afrikaans-speaking executive leaders in the business community. This allowed him to develop insight into the values and thought processes of these leaders.

Johan also completed the diploma in Group Process Consultation from the Centre of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, UNISA.

After being retrenched in 2018, Johan shifted his research focus from Systematic Theology to human behaviour.

Johan’s experience and his interest in current news and culture, worked together to develop a firm understanding of how current affairs shape us in our daily lives. These factors also shaped his next project to further my coaching practice with a pro-active approach to tension and conflict, inspiring growth and success.

The foundation of his approach to life and executive coaching is the approach of the International Coaching Federation. He developed his coaching practice around the premise that conflict in teams and organisations is best dealt with when individual members develop self-awareness and the skills to be thoughtfully present in situations of tension and conflict. When possible, this is done in the context of teams and groups, both in the personal and professional space. In addition to the ICF approach, the analytical method of Carl Jung, and the teleological approach of Alfred Adler inform his approach to coaching.

Johan is a registered COMENSA member, member of the South African Association of Mediators and registered as a mediator on the Alternative Dispute Resolution register.