A Personal Message

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Hi, I am Johan Pieters

I am the founder of Oorsprong Human Dynamics, and personal coach with clients in the fields of technology application and in the creative arts, professional persons such as attorneys and auditors, and change makers in corporate environments around the country.

My clients are people who, like many other entrepreneurs (and possibly yourself) are looking to be contributors to their communities. They carry visions of creating beauty, creating opportunity for people, building systems that improve performance and who lead from the front. They are also people who face challenges in strategizing their career and business, dealing with awkward situations, dealing with difficult persons and relationships, seeking ways to manage their thoughts and self-awareness, to harness their inner strength and courage and to be persons with grit to fall and stand up to try again.

From my own journey I understand the need to do the important work of self-care. I have experienced the pain of self-doubt (I have lost my work and income because of that), but also the freedom of allowing myself to deal with situation on the terms dictated by my beliefs and not the expectations of others.

I also know that we do not always have the luxury and resources to work with an expensive life-coach because time and money are both limited.

But I am wondering …

Whether you are the person you want to be?

Whether you are the partner, the parent, the friend that adds value?

Whether you are the leader that facilitates change and opportunity?

I know it is possible because I have been there. I have worked as staff member for others, and I have lead organisations and teams. I have carried the responsibility of being a board member. I have managed multi-million rand projects and worked with professional from different fields. I have founded two small businesses. I am also a partner, a father and grandfather, a son and a friend – and a member of a community.

I have been in the desert and I have been on hill tops living with vision and excitment.

I know it is possible to

  • to be alive with self-awareness
  • to overcome fear and dependencies
  • to develop new ways of thinking and doing
  • to live healthy
  • to spend time with your loved ones
  • to live for your passions

and to share in the createst story.

Have a wonderful day!


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